Toyota says Ford Fusion Hybrid competes with the Prius, not the Camry Hybrid

So FoMoCo is pretty proud of its 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid – and they definitely should be with an EPA fuel-economy rating of 41/36 mpg (city/highway). Ford says that the 2010 Fusion Hybrid is America’s most fuel-efficient mid-sized car beating out the Toyota Camry. Well, Toyota disagrees.

Writing over at Toyota’s Open Road Blog, editor Jon F. Thompson says that Toyota disagrees with the definition of a midsize car.

“The folks at Ford are pleased that their Fusion hybrid, rated at 41 mpg/city, has better EPA fuel economy estimates than our Camry Hybrid, which is EPA-rated at 33 mpg/city. We point out that while that”s true, the Camry is bigger than the Fusion,” writes Thompson.

Thompson says that a more appropriate comparison would be the 2010 Toyota Prius which is also classified as a midsize car with a fuel-economy rating of 50 mpg.

Nonetheless, Thompson points out that the mpg wars are good for everyone.

“When mpg numbers are generally on the rise and when other manufacturers compete with us on the basis of fuel-efficiency, their efficiency apple against ours, that”s the kind of comparison that we like. No matter which vehicle is incrementally better than another, it”s a comparison that”s good for everyone.”

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2010 Ford Fuison Hybrid:



2010 Toyota Prius:


Source: Toyota Open Road Blog