Honda’s Latitude CUV to compete with Toyota Venza

Spies have once again caught the upcoming all-new Honda Accord CUV undergoing testing. At first glance the car may look like the European Honda Accord Tourer (pictured above), but upon closer inspection the prototype seems to sit a little higher than the Accord Tourer.

The Honda Accord CUV will be based on the Accord chassis and is expected to enter production in the 4th quarter of 2009 at Honda’s Marysville or East Liberty factory.Β The production version of the car will fit between the CR-V and the Pilot and will take on Toyota’s Venza crossover.

Powertrain options are yet to be revealed but sources say that all-wheel-drive may be offered as an option. As for names, insiders say that “Latitude” is one of the names being considered for the new Honda crossover.

Source: Temple of VTEC (via AutoBlog)