Ford looking at a new police car

FoMoCo is looking to save its police-car business, a segment which accounts for about 65,000 annual sales of the Ford Crown Victorias. According to Jim Farley, Ford’s group vice president of marketing and communications, a likely solution will be a front-wheel-drive unibody vehicle with all-wheel-drive capability. Farley said that several models are under review but declined to say whether the new 2010 Taurus is one of them.

“The next five years will be a very important transition technically for the [police] pursuit business and limo livery,” said Farley. “These days you really can’t afford to walk away from a loyal customer base who loves your product.”

According to Automotive News, the current Crown Victoria police cars will be dropped in 2011 along with its Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car siblings.