Tesla to provide Daimler with electric-powertrains for Smart ForTwo

Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk told reporters at a Society of Automotive Analysts meeting that his company is working with Daimler AG to create an electric Smart ForTwo. Musk said that Tesla has a contract with Daimler to produce electric powertrains for 1,000 Smarts, which could later result in tens of thousands of additional vehicles.

According to Automotive News, Musk said that the relationship has existed since 2007 and that he recently received permission from Daimler to disclose the partnership which will be officially announced later this year.

The Tesla boss said that the electric Smart ForTwo “will cost you almost nothing to operate.” The electric Smart will use the same Asain battery cells that are found in the Tesla Roadster. Musk said that the partnership with Daimler will allow Tesla to achieve its goal of producing affordable electric-cars and that his company should start making profit in the middle of this year.