Ford giving away 100 Fiestas for 6 months as a part of the Fiesta Movement

Ford is hoping the Fiesta will win fuel-economy conscious consumers over when it is launched in the U.S. in 2010. To help gain some traction for Ford’s latest global compact car, Ford will be handing out 100 Fiesta’s to 100 tech-savvy enthusiasts under a new program called “Fiesta Movement.”

Ford will ask the 100 lucky individuals to relate their experiences through social media sites such as Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Ford says the by handing out Fiesta’s to the selected consumers, Ford will have the opportunity to learn more about what consumers wants and needs in the growing compact segment.

Starting later this spring, the chosen consumers, or as Ford calls them – “agents” – will be asked to complete missions in their Fiesta on a monthly basis and capture their experiences digitally to share with Ford and other consumers.

Applications for those interested in becoming an agent can be found online at or The application process includes a two- to five-minute video explaining why applicants want the opportunity to become part of the Fiesta Movement. Applications will be accepted through March 13.