Ford shelves plans to build a RWD Ford and Lincoln sedan

As demand for large sedans cars shrinks, FoMoCo has drooped plans for new rear-wheel-drive based sedans. According to design chief J Mays, plans for a rear-wheel-drive Ford and Lincoln have been shelved for now.

“We’ve got other priorities at the moment,” Mays told Automotive News. “We’re going down a path right now that is all about fuel efficiency, and we’ve got a lot to do about that. So we’re not talking about rear-wheel drive.”

About a year ago Alan Mullaly and product chief Derrick Kuzak confirmed that Ford is working on a rear-wheel-drive sedan for both – the Lincoln and Ford brand. During the later part of last year, Kuzak told the media that Ford was rethinking the program.

It was reported that sales of the rear-wheel-drive Ford cars would begin in 2013 with a platform coming from a large car developed for Australia.

Source: AutoWeek