Video: Ed Welburn gives Matt Lauer a sneak peek at the production Chevy Beat

It seems like General Motors likes to play games with its domestic market. Vice Chairman Bob Lutz told us earlier this year that the production version of the Chevy Beat minicar will not make it to the U.S. Later we heard rumors that the Beat will in fact be offered to the U.S. customers.

We later heard that a version of the Groove or Trax would arrive in the U.S. by 2011. However that dream was killed by GM”s COO Fritz Henderson who said that GM is ruling out a mini GM car for the U.S. for now saying that he sees the majority of U.S. consumers sticking to compact cars that are the size of the Chevrolet Volt or Chevrolet Aveo.

Earlier this morning Chevrolet boss Ed Welburn gave Matt Lauer from the Today Show a sneak peek at the production Chevrolet Beat saying that it will be “the star of the show” next week in Detroit. Seems like plans have changed again.

We’re not going to say anything for now but join us next week to learn more on the production Chevy Beat. For now click here to watch the video from the Today Show.

Source: motive