Doctor leaves his nephews and neices a secret $8.75 million Bugatti in his will

What a way to celebrate the new year. Relatives of the late Dr. Harold Carr, an 89 year old childless bachelor, were astonished when they found he had left them a 1937 Bugatti in his will. The 130 mph Type 57S Atalante is only one of the 17 units ever made and could be worth up to £6 million ($8,759,124 USD).

Carr left the keys to the garage to his nephews and nieces without telling them what was inside. After finding the 1937 Bugatti, the family also found an E Type Jaguar and an Aston Martin. They have decided to put the Bugatti, which has not been driven since 1960, up on the auction block. The rare Bugatti will be the star of Bonhams’ Retromobile auction in Paris on February 7.

Carr’s nephew, an engineer from Gosforth, Newcastle, said that no one new what kind of cars his uncle had parked in his garage. “It was a bit of local folklore that he had a Bugatti, but no-one knew for sure, and certainly no-one knew how much it was worth,” he said.

However, James Knight, International Head of Bonhams’ motoring department, said that he knew of the Bugatti for quite some time now but like a couple of other people didn’t dare “divulge its whereabouts to anyone.”

Source: Telegraph