Rick Wagoner: I’m absolutely not leaving

General Motors’ CEO Rick Wagoner was the only executive from the Big 3 that went under a lot of heat during the talks between Detroit and Washington D.C. Many from Congress felt that Wagoner should step down as a condition for getting government loan. With the $17.4 billion in loans approved for Detroit earlier this morning, Wagoner doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

“Do you think I would have gone through what I did the last two months if I were thinking of leaving,” Wagoner asked a reporter at a news conference today on GM and Chrysler receiving $17.4 billion loans.

“I’m absolutely not leaving,” Wagoner said. “We’re more energized than ever now that we have funding.”

When asked how GM plans on winning the confidence of the American people reporting billions in losses for the past eight years. Wagoner simply said: “Test drive a Chevy Malibu.”

“It’s the best midsize car in America, and we’re doing that kind of product time and time again,” he said.

Source: AutoObserver