Fritz Henderson: Update on Hummer’s future coming first-quarter of 2009

News of Hummer’s sales began in June of 2008. Later in July, GM CEO Rick Wagoner said that GM is moving as quickly as possible towards selling Hummer. Well it’s now the end of December we have yet to hear anything about Hummer’s future.

According to GM President Fritz Henderson, an update on the future of Hummer will be provided sometime in the first-quarter of 2009. What’s been taking so long?

“We’ve been in discussions with interested parties. Those talks are moving along quickly and we’ll have something to say about Hummer in the first quarter of next year,” Henderson said in a conference call with the media regarding the $17.4 billion loan for GM and Chrysler.

Henderson told reporters that the announced would be either “a deal to be had or a different path” that Hummer will take in the future.

As for Saab and Saturn, Henderson said that it is still reevaluating Saab with an option of it being sold and is talking to Saturn dealers as to what the future of the brand will be.

Source: InsideLine