Toyota’s iQ and Prius to spawn seven-seater MPV

We really can’t emphasize the consumer shift towards more compact vehicles and it seems like automakers are catering to that shift even when it comes to minivans. According to AutoExpress Toyota’s next MPV will be based on the Estima concept and surprisingly – the iQ and the Prius.

A source told the publication that Toyota is “looking at a seven-seater based on the Prius. It would use a lithium-ion battery, and could be here by 2012.”

Technicians behind the iQ say that the new MPV will also use the compact car’s technology to squeeze in seven-seats into a Yaris. Chief engineer Hiroki Nakajima said that Toyota is always looking for clever engineering and packaging solutions.

“For example, we”re working on a seven-seater that”s the size of the Yaris. We can do it, and give limo-like legroom in the back,” said Nakajima.

Source: AutoExpress