Video: Top Gear’s James May test drives the Honda FCX Clarity

Top Gear was all green this past weekend. Following Clarkson’s review of the Tesla Roadster, James May has gotten his hands on the Honda FCX Clarity – a car that Honda says it may mass produce within 10 years. For now the Honda FCX Clarity is available for leasing in SoCal for $600 a month.

The Honda FCX Clarity is powered by an advanced new lithium-ion battery pack that is 40 percent lighter and 50 percent smaller than the modern hybrid powertrains. The FCX Clarity has a 5,000-psi hydrogen storage tank. It produces a total of 134-hp and gets a combined fuel-economy of 74 mpg according to EPA mileage estimates. The car is capable of going 280 miles on one fill.

Our main man Jay Leno also makes a guest appearance during this segment of Top Gear.

Note: YouTube may take down the video very soon – so watch it as soon as you can.

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Honda FCX Clarity: