Australian Top Gear faces $200,000 in damages to test cars

The Australian version of Top Gear has angered a lot of automakers and is facing a repair bill of close to $200,000 (we’re guessing that’s $200,000 in Australian money so that would be around $131,169 USD). Supposedly the eager drivers of the series have damaged cars from silly stunts while they attempt to imitate Clarkson, Hammond and May.

Some of the most expensive damages involved a Lamborghini, which has reportedly sustained about $25,000 in damages.

“We have no appetite for automotive Jackass,” a spokesman for one of the damaged brands told The Herald Sun. “When they revisit series two, they will encounter a lot of shut doors,” said another.

We guess someone needs to remind them that this is just the first series of the show and that the UK Top Gear can afford such damages since they are way more popular and have been around for much longer.

Source: The Herald Sun