Carlos Ghosn and Jack Welch favored as GM’s future CEO

Now that Congress and even President-elect Barack Obama have voiced their opinions on Detroit’s Big 3 executives the question on everyone’s mind is: Who will replace GM’s Rick Wagoner? While GM COO Fritz Henderson may seem like a logical choice, his chances are slim since his supporters may be washed out along with Wagoner. Either way┬ánames are flying around in Detroit on who the next GM CEO could be.

One name everyone is familiar with is GE’s Jack Welch. Besides being everyone’s favorite CEO in the 1990s and having an outstanding track record, 73-year old Welch may not be up for working for very little compensation.

Another name on everyone’s mind is Renault/Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn. The 54-year old would probably love to make GM the third-leg of his French/Japanese tripod, but Congress probably wouldn’t fund such an alliance.

The third name that comes up every time there’s a job open in Detroit is Roger Penske. The 71-year old currently runs a successful auto retailing business distributing Smart cars and knows the auto industry inside and out.

Let us know who you think GM should consider replacing Wagoner – if the move actually takes place?

Source: CNNMoney