Poll: CNN says 61% of Americans against Detroit bailout

A national poll by CNN shows that six in ten Americans are against using taxpayer money to help Detroit’s Big 3. 61 percent of those surveyed in the poll said they are “dead set against” the government bailing out automakers – 36 percent were in favor of providing aid for GM, FoMoCo and Chrysler.

Of the 1,096 Americans questioned,¬†53 percent said they felt that government aid for the automakers won’t help the current condition of the U.S. economy. Why is everyone so against the Big 3? According to surveys from other organizations, the poor performance of the Detroit executives at the congressional hearings and their way of arriving to D.C. in private jets resulted in a steep drop in support for the government providing loans.

The CNN poll shows that 67 percent of the opposition comes from the West, 61 percent from the Northeast, 64 percent from the South and 53 percent from the Midwest.

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Source: CNN
Image Courtesy: Getty Images