Report: Toyota won’t launch a separate Prius brand

Seems like the on-again/off-again┬árumors of a sub-Prius brand have been put to rest. According to Toyota’s UK managing director Miguel Fonseca, Toyota won’t be launching a separate Prius brand. However, Fonseca did say that Toyota is working on new Prius body styles that will arrive shortly after the third-generation Prius is unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show in January.

Fonseca didn’t outline what body styles we can expect, but we’ve heard rumors of an MPV hybrid and coupe hybrid based on the Prius.

Fonseca also said that Toyota isn’t going to use lithium-ion battery technology anytime soon. Engineers at Toyota believe that lithium-ion batteries aren’t ready for mass production as of yet. It was previously reported that the after the third-generation model, which will still use nickel-hydride batteries, Toyota will switch to lithium-ion batteries.

Source: AutoCar