Bob Lutz tries to move media attention to Chevy Volt’s progress

In the past couple of days when you’ve seen the name ‘GM’ in the news it’s been about the automaker’s financial troubles, government loans or Congress criticizing CEO┬áRick Wagoner. Well Bob Lutz is making an attempt to move media attention away from all that negative press to the Chevy Volt and its “next phase.”

GM moved the Volt test mules that previously used old Malibu bodies to test vehicles using vehicles from the next-generation global compact car architecture – the Chevrolet Cruze. After taking a test drive at the company”s Milford Proving Grounds, Lutz said that the Volt is making “great progress.”

Lutz ended putting up 30 miles on the Volt-Cruze test mule and said that he couldn’t be more please with the vehicle.

“As for the powertrain and propulsion system, I couldn”t be more pleased. It was 30 degrees and windy and flurrying,” writes Lutz at GM’s FastLane Blog. “We started with about a 60-percent charge on the battery pack, to see how it would perform and when the engine would kick on.”

Lutz said he travelled about 19 miles before the engine engaged and that it was so quiet that his engineers had to tell him when the engine had come on. Either way, we wish GM the best of luck with the Volt and hope to see it on the roads very soon.

Source: GM FastLane Blog