2010 BMW Z4 to be unveiled next month, Z2 hybrid may be in the works

Okay so word on the street is that the next-generation BMW Z4 will be making its official debut next month. The 2010 BMW Z4 is expected to be a hard-top convertible that will be faster, sharper and may even be smaller than the current model.

Rumor has it that BMW is also working on an even¬†smaller roadster dubbed the Z2. It will be a compact soft-top roadster that will be based on BMW’s 1-series platform. Insiders suggest that BMW’s Project-i is working on a¬†hybrid version of the Z2 and will use what it has learned with the new MINI E on the compact roadster.

Other sources suggest that BMW may even take its Project-i as far up to the Rolls-Royce brand. We’ll let you know more as things clear up.

Source: BMW Blog
Image: Jon Sibal