Ford dealers show support for Alan Mulally

Alan Mulally

As the Big 3 CEOs come under fire from Congress, FoMoCo dealers are showing support for their leader by writing a letter to Congress. Ford and Lincoln/Mercury dealers are defending Mulally and asking government to provideĀ assistance to help stabilize the auto industry, reports Automotive News.

50 dealers wrote in the letter sent in by Brian Jarret, chairman of Ford council. “Since he’s been here, he has been transforming Ford and doing the kind of things that the lawmakers say that the industry needs to do,” Jarrett said. “I just don’t think he’s getting the credit he deserves.”

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Letter from Dealers:

As Chairmen of the Ford National Dealer Council and the Lincoln Mercury National Dealer Council, we would like to pass along our support for Alan Mulally and the Ford management team. The commentary on our industry has been highly critical of past management’s mistakes and some have called for the removal of current management. While we can’t speak for our competitors, we can say that during the last two years under Alan’s management we have seen a complete transformation of Ford Motor Company. Our product is at an all time high with regards to quality and we are rapidly transforming from a Company largely dependent upon trucks and SUVs to a company delivering world class fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive cars, the same cars that Ford has proven as winners in other parts of the world.

Since Alan’s arrival we all have been working under the One Ford plan which aggressively restructured the Company while accelerating the development of new products that our customers want and value. Our product led initiative was gaining traction until this year’s credit and housing crisis deflated our progress. We have all been impacted by the significant challenges in the economy and we know that further deterioration of the auto industry would be catastrophic for not only the Dealers but the local economies as well. Dealers represent some of the largest employers in cities and towns all across America. The demise of the industry would be devastating from coast to coast. It is critical that government assistance be given to help stabilize the industry and help us emerge from the current recession and credit crisis.

The Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealer Councils stand behind Ford management and the One Ford plan as the right strategy to make Ford Motor Company once again a world class leader in automobile manufacturing.


Brian Jarrett
Chairman, Ford National Dealer Council
Jarrett Gordon Ford, Winter Haven, FL
In Business since 1978

Mike Adamson
Chairman, Lincoln Mercury National Dealer Council
Adamson Lincoln Mercury,
Rochester, MN
In Business since 1990

2009 Ford and Lincoln Mercury National Dealer Council Members