Nissan to sell electric-car in 2010, batteries not included

Speaking at the Automotive News Green Car Conference, Nissan’s executive vice president for product planning and design, Carlos Tavares, said that in the future consumers will buy electric-cars with batteries to be sold separately and may even share access to a couple of electric-cars within the city range.

Nissan is planning to launch its first electric-car in 2010 for select markets. It has previously said that it will go global by 2012. Tavares says that Nissan expects its electric cars similar pricing to conventional cars before adding on the cost of the battery.

He said that Nissan will lease the battery separately in fees similar to services like OnStar. After purchasing the car, the dealership will install the battery and the driver can be on his/her way. Tavares said that the total cost of ownership will be lower than that of owning a car that requires gasoline.

We’re just wondering if the total cost of ownership will be lower than Nissan’s electric-car rivals.