Top 10 New Car Company Startups

You would think that during an economic storm entrepreneurs and investors would be hesitant to put their time and money in an auto startup. However, we have a couple of ambitious companies that are determined to change the way we drive by offering vehicles with new technologies and alternative fuel.

Taking advantage of low labor costs in China and Eastern Europe these auto companies don’t care about history that makes it quite inevitable that most of them will fail without leaving much evidence of their existence. But there are a few out there that may change the world.

The folks at PopularMechanics have the Top 10 New Eco and Exotic car companies that they believe have some potential to leave their mark in the auto industry.

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Top 10 New Eco and Exotic Car Companies:

10. Lightning Car Company
9. Noble Automotive Limited
8. Hybrid Technologies
7. Koenigsegg
6. Shelby Supercars
5. Ariel Motor Company
4. Carbon Motors
3. Fisker Automotive
2. Aptera Motors
1. Tesla Motors

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Source: PopularMechanics