Hyundai and Prada team up to build three custom Genesis sedans

When you hear that a major Italian designer is going to team up with an automaker to build custom versions of their vehicles, you automatically think it’ll be posh brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari or even Mercedes-Benz. However, Prada is teaming up with someone who you, or anyone else for that matter, would least expect them to team up with. South Korean automaker Hyundai and Italian design firm Prada will built three custom Genesis sedans to display at the Seoul Motor Show.

What can you expect? No details as of yet but we’re thinking some custom leather/wood trims, a two-tone color interior and Prada logos embedded into the leather seats.

Hyundai will take one of the three custom Prada Genesis sedans and will keep it at its headquarters and will auction off the other two at the Prada Transformer exhibition. Proceeds will go to charity.

2009 Hyundai Genesis: