Toyota working on Prius Hybrid Coupe

As we’ve heard before, Toyota is planning a family of Prius-branded vehicles. According to Motor Trend, the lineup will consist of a small-pickup based on the 2008 A-BAT concept and a sporty 2+2 coupe that will compete with the upcoming Honda CRZ Hybrid Coupe.

The Prius Coupe will have a lower roofline when compared to the new 2010 Toyota Prius, which will be unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, and will share the same powertrain. Toyota will still use a nickel-hydride battery for the 2010 Prius but the 1.5L engine will offer more power and better fuel-economy

The Prius Coupe is expected to be lighter than the 5-door hatchback meaning it will be a little faster and may even offer better fuel-economy. The production version of the A-BAR concept is expected to arrive in 2010 and may carry a Scion badge to diversify the struggling brand’s lineup.


Source: Motor Trend