Chevrolet Volt to make spaceship-like sound to alert pedestrians

No matter how environmental-friendly hybrids and electric-cars may be, they are still ‘very dangerous’ to pedestrians crossing the streets. We’re not sure of you remember that 8-year old boy that was hit by a Toyota Prius that he apparently didn’t hear.

All joking aside the silent hybrids and electric-cars are a safety hazard to the visually or hearing-impaired individuals and a group looking to protect those citizens has introduced a new legislation requiring all electric-cars and hybrids to have sound. So what kind of sound will the Chevrolet Volt make?

It would be nice if it sounded like a ZR1 but that would be a little to ostentatious for a 5-door electric-car. According to Frank Weber, GM’s E-Flex vehicle line executive, the Volt will sound very technical and can be compared to “when on Spaceship [sic] Enterprise you hear the doors close, or use the transporter.”

He said the Volt’s sound will “have no relation at all to a combustion engine” and is “highly pleasing, almost imperceptible.”

The sound can be activated by the driver just as they would activate high-beam.

Chevrolet Volt:



Source: InsideLine