Question of the Day: Would you buy a fuel-efficient car to save money or the environment?

According to a recent study done by BMW, drivers today are opting for lower emission cars “not to save the planet” but because the cars are “kinder to their wallets.” While 20 percent of Britons surveyed said that they do look at CO2 levels when purchasing a new car, they also look out how much money it would save them.

After surveying 2,068 drivers BMW found that three quarters of them would purchase a lower-emissions car only if it saved them money.  When asked why they would choose to drive a more environmentally friendly vehicle, 59 percent said that it was because they were looking for lower gas bills while only 13 percent said that reduced emissions was their key motive.

So with that in mind, we’re asking you guys what would your key motive be for purchasing a hybrid or a compact fuel-efficient car. Let us know your reasoning in the comments section after the jump.