Honda offering new incentives on 2009 Civics

Honda is offering new incentives on the 2009 Honda Civic sales and leases. Qualified buyers can now get 1.9 percent financing for 24 to 36 months. For 37 to 60 months Honda is offering 3.9 percent financing.

Qualified buyers can also go for Honda’s new lease incentive of 36-months for $189 a month with $1,999 down. That’s pretty good comparing to the previous lease terms of $199 per month with $2,799 down. The Civic Hybrid is also included in the promotion.

Why the new incentive all of the sudden? According to Honda spokesman Chris Martin, Honda is doing its best to keep demand steady for the Civic. “We just opened a new factory in Indiana, and gas prices are coming down,” Martin told Automotive News.

2009 Honda Civic:



Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)