Chevrolet Cruze may get hatchback and wagon variants

The U.S. Chevrolet Cruze has been delayed to 2011, but the European market will get its allocation starting March 2009. According to Hans Demant, vice president of engineering for GM Europe, the Chevrolet Cruze sedan could spawn other variants including a hatchback and station wagons.

Don’t get too excited as these variants may only be offered in Europe (at this time we’d be happy to get our Cruze on time). Demant said that GM executives want the Chevrolet Cruze to accommodate the ‘individuality’ of each market around the globe.

He said that GM factories in South Korea and St. Petersburg, Russia, where the Cruze will be built, will have many tool sets on hand that will allow them to produce variations of the sedan at basically no cost.

Can we at least get the 2.0L turbo diesel in the U.S.? Guess not.

Chevrolet Cruze:



Source: Automotive News Europe (Subscription Required)