Tiger Woods Buick contract may be on the line

The Tiger Woods and GM relationship may be coming to an end. Wood’s marketing manager Larry Peck and his agent Mark Steinberg recently sat down with GM about setting up a meeting for when they can meet again. Yes, as weird as that sounds, that’s what happened. But the two are wondering what the future holds for Woods and GM beyond 2009.

Steinberg said that he just wants to sit down with GM and see where Woods will stand with the company after 2009 when the contract is due to expire.

Tiger Woods, basically a brand ambassador for GM’s Buick Line, has been in an endorsement agreement with GM since 1999. Peck says even though the company is a financial mess right now it has no plans to scale back on its golf sponsorships.

Right because golf is so much more important than the Super Bowl and Academy Awards.


Source: Detroit News