Pontiac G8 to die in 5-years, no more rear-wheel-drive Pontiacs

Pontiac will be losing its image of the “American BMW” that was once envisioned by Bob Lutz. According to sources, after confirming that there will be no replacement for the Solstice, Pontiac will drop the rear-wheel-drive G8 sedan in about 5-years.

InsideLine reports that Pontiac will not be getting the next rear-wheel-drive platform that underpins Australian Holden Commodore. The move comes as GM switches the direction for Pontiac in the feature.

Killing both, the Solstice roadster and the next-generation G8 sedan, will leave Pontiac with no rear-wheel-drive models. GM is saying that the driving forces behind the decision are the rise in fuel-economy standards and a consumer shift to more fuel-efficient vehicles.

2008 Pontiac G8 GT:



Source: InsideLine