Bloodhound SSC to attempt 1,000 mph land-speed record

Richard Noble and Andy Green are hard at work on a car that can go faster than 1,000 mph. The current land-speed record holders are out to smash their own record of 766 mph.

Andy Green will pilot the Bloodhound SSC to a top speed of 1050 mph, a speed that is 1.4 times that of sound. There are still three years before the 42-foot car reaches completion but a scale model is being put on display at London’s Science Museum today.

Noble and Green are currently looking for $16 million from sponsors to make their top speed a reality.

“We have held the world land speed record for the last 25 years and we still hold it. There is early competition developing and we have to defend our record,” said Noble.

Bloodhound SSC:




Source: AutoMotto (via Jalopnik)