Toyota Prius rated most fuel-efficient by EPA, Murcielago rated worst

According to the government’s 2009 Fuel-Economy Guide the 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago is the worst choice if you’re worried about spending a lot of green at the pump. According to the federal government the Murcielago, which gets 8/14 mpg (city/highway) has an annual fuel cost of $6,450.

The 2009 Toyota Prius come in at number for the third year in a row with 48/45 mpg. Honda’s Civic Hybrid came in seconds rated at 40/45 mpg followed by the Nissan Altima Hybrid rated at 35/33 mpg. Ford’s Escape, Mariner and Mazda Tribute Hybrids came in at number four with 34/31 mpg. Smart’s ForTwo also joined the list rated at 33/41 mpg.

Volkswagen’s 2009 diesel Jetta came in the top 10 rated at 30/41 mpg with a manual transmission and 29/40 mpg with an automatic.

EPA states that all consumers are eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to $3,400 for hybrids and diesels.


Source: InsideLine