Daniel Craig’s 007 perks include lifetime driving deal with Aston Martin

Daniel Craig recently learned that playing 007 has some serious perks. The new James Bond has just landed himself a lifetime driving deal with Aston Martin. When he’s not driving the Aston Martin DBS in the movie or crashing it into quarries, Craig has a free pass from Aston Martin to take any of their cars for a spin.

Craig can borrow the cars to drive on the streets or when he really wants to let loose, Craig can hit up Aston Martin’s test track.

“I’m lucky enough that if I desperately want to drive in an Aston Martin, the company is just fantastic to me,” said Craig in a statement. “They’ll let me go on a track and drive one all day long.”

The perk made Craig decide not to buy an Aston for himself. He says: “I could drive it faster and more furiously (on the track) than anywhere on the road. I live in London (and) it doesn’t make any sense to drive an Aston Martin there. I’ve nowhere to park it.”


Source: IMDB