Jim Taylor leaves Cadillac and becomes CEO of HUMMER

Jim Taylor has left his position as a CEO at Cadillac to become CEO of HUMMER as GM is still in the process of selling the SUV brand. We don’t know if that’s a smart move by Taylor or a dumb move – but that all depends on the future of the General.

Taylor, 52, became general manager at Cadillac in 2004 and watched the CTS, STS and SRX under his reign over the brand. Spokeswoman Joanne Krell says that Taylor may remain with GM as head of HUMMER if GM decides to keep it. If not, Taylor may leave GM altogether.

U.S. sales for Cadillac have dropped close to 16.4 percent this year while HUMMER is down a massive 47.4 percent.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)