Clarkson’s Thriller DVD coming Nov. 3rd

Jeremy Clarkson has the life all of us car enthusiasts wish we had. Besides hosting the most popular automotive TV show, Top Gear, Clarkson spends his spare time driving and testing supercars and, well at least in his new DVD Thriller, blowing things up.

In his new DVD, Clarkson gets behind the Pagani Zonda F Roadster, Aston Martin DBS and Porsche 911 just to name a few. Oh and he also adds rocket launchers to a Porsche 944 and blows up a Lexus.

Thriller will be out on DVD on Nov. 3rd. Check out the trailer after the jump. Our favorite part has to be the STIG (or the Stig look-a-like) chasing the sheep.

Click through for the trailer.

Clarkson: Thriller Trailer:



Source: TopGear