2010 Infiniti EX will have more legroom for rear-passengers

Sales of the new 2009 Infiniti EX have been pretty disappointing for Nissan. So come the 2010 model year Nissan will make a couple of tweaks offering more legroom for rear-passengers and a different marketing approach.

According to Nissan North America’s vice president, Larry Dominique, the EX turned a lot of heads at auto shows but didn’t meet the company’s sales expectations. Dealers then asked for some changes that customers were looking for.

Up until September, Nissan sold 10,289 units of the EX, an annual rate of about 15,000 units. According to Dominique, the Infiniti EX has generated more interest from families with kids rather than single or couples, the market that the vehicle was targeted towards.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)