BMW killed the X7 to concentrate on X1 and MINI Crossman

Market wise it was a no brainer for BMW; so whether you like it or not, 2010 will mark the year for compact SUVs from BMW. That’s right – a production X1 and Mini Crossover will go on sale in 2010. According to CEO Norber Reithofer, BMW cancelled old product plans like the X7 since they would not have generated enough growth for the brand through 2013.

Reithofer said that both the X1 and MINI Crossman will be volume sellers rather than niche cars like the X6 appealing to few individuals.

The BMW X1 is also rumored to get a hybrid variant by late 2010.

Live from Paris 2008: BMW Concept X1:




Live from Paris 2008: MINI Crossover Concept:



Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)