Top Gear fan buys ‘The 57IG’ plate for $19,260

There are some Top Gear fans that will wait 21 years just to hang out with Clarkson, Hammond and May in the audience while the film the best TV show history has ever known. But then there are some crazy Stig fans as well that will massive amounts of green to get a license plate that kind of looks like his name – you really have to look very closely.

Rick Fusari paid more than 26 times the worth of a personalized registration plate ‘THE 57IG’ at a DVLA auction. Fusari paid a total of £10,690 to win the rights to a odd link to Top Gear’s famous driver.

Fusari said he will throw the plate of his Ferrari and will buy a white helmet. We say the plate looks like it says ’57 GIG’ and that 7 in no way, whatsoever, looks like the letter ‘t.’


Source: AutoCar