Spy Shots: Alfa Romeo 8C GTA spotted near Nurburgring

Yes, the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is one of the most beautiful cars we’ve ever laid eyes on – and with a 450-hp engine under the hood, the 8C has performance bragging rights. But CEO, Luca de Meo wants something faster and more special. He’s been pushing the executives to approve a special-edition GTA version of the 8C Competizione to celebrate Alfa’s centenary in 2010.

Well it seems like he got what he wanted. The 8C Competizione GTA was recently spotted heading to Nurburgring for some high-speed testing. The GTA version will be 1,450 kg lighter than the standard 8C and will extract an extra 50-hp from the 4.7 V8 for a total of 500-hp.

Alfa Romeo is planning to build only 100 units of the 8C GTA to coincide with Alfa’s 100th birthday.

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