Honda not in a rush to produce plug-in hybrids

Honda has no plans to rush into the plug-in hybrid market just yet. The automaker that is already leasing hydrogen vehicles like the FCX Clarity said that batteries aren’t advanced enough to make rechargeable vehicles a solid replacement for gasoline powered cars.

“For battery-powered vehicles to become more widespread, more popular in the market, we feel battery technology needs to advance further,” Masaaki Kato, president of Honda’s research unit, told Bloomberg.

Wonder what GM has to say about all this? The lithium-ion powered Chevrolet Volt will hit the market in late 2010. Kato says that lithium-ion powered vehicles won’t satisfy consumers since the batteries are costly and hold less than half the energy of gasoline.

Honda will show its Insight Hybrid Concept at the Paris Motor Show on Oct. 2nd.


Source: Bloomberg