Envia can get 48 mpg out of a F-150 and 38 miles on electric-power

If you’ve been joining us for the past two weeks, you would think that the plug-in hybrid future is right around the corner. Well for some it’s already here. Envia Motors, a British Columbia company that converts regular gasoline cars into PHEVs says it can get 48 mpg out of a Ford F-150. Envia Motors also says that its F-150 can do 38 miles on electric-power alone.

The technology package converts the F-150 into a range-extending EV with a lithium iron phosphate or military grade lead acid battery pack. When plugged into a 220V outlet the F-150 requires 2 and a half hours to reach full charge allowing for 38 miles without the use of gasoline.

The price? Envia conversions cost between $15,000 to $25,000 depending on range.


Source: Envia (via AutoblogGreen)