Six-Euro Ford models coming to the US: Focus converitble and Kuga on the list

Ford is asking dealers to help the company prepare for at least six new small cars headed to the U.S. within the next three years. FoMoCo is hoping that the small cars attract a new type of customer, preferably fuel-economy conscious customers.

Jim Farley, Ford’s vice president of marketing and communications, said that he has started a “young dealership” subcommittee of 20 Ford dealers to help it study the current operations of dealerships. The purpose of the group will be to recommend new ways to improve and help Ford dealers move more compact models out of the showroom.

The six new models coming to the U.S. will come straight from Europe. We already know that the Euro-Focus and Fiesta will be coming by 2010. According to Farley, the list also includes 5-door and convertible versions of the Focus, the C-Max and Kuga crossover.

Hey Farley – how about the Ford Ka?


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)