Amuse Phantom GT-R produces a wicked 602-hp

Hoping to keep modified cars off the streets, the Japanese government worked with Nissan making it clear that any modifications to the GT-R would void the car’s warranty. Meaning if you touch anything under the hood, drop its height or remove the speed limiter (which is limited to 112 mph for JDM-spec models), your warranty will be automatically voided. However, that’s not stopping tuners to get as much as power and performance as they can out of the GT-R. Supposedly Power House Amuse Phantom GT-R is the fastest and most powerful 2008 GT-R in the world.

According to AutoWeek, Hideki Tanabe, president of Power House Amuse, and his team of engineers have extracted a total of 620-hp with a maximum torque of 571 lb-ft from the 3.8L V6 engine. Amuse also got rid of the speed limiter, added a full titanium exhaust, modified the suspension with stiffer springs and adjusted the height of the front and rear. The result is more precise steering thanks to the negative camber in the lowered suspension. 100 pounds were cut off the curb weight with Recaro carbon-Kevlar racing seats and the lighter titanium exhaust.

Those looking to void the warranty on their GT-R to get more power can find Amuse’s new kit in U.S. tuning shops.

Click through to see the Amuse Phantom GT-R in action.



2009 Nissan GT-R:



Source: AutoWeek