Production Chevrolet Orlando won’t come to the U.S.

The Chevrolet Orlando won’t make its official debut until two weeks from now at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, but GM has already killed plans to build the compact 7-seater for the U.S market. Instead they will bring more small cars to the U.S. from Asia.

According to the Wall Street Journal recent agreements from the UAW show that a Chevrolet 7-seater MPV, code named Delta MPV7, will go into production at GM’s Hamtramck plant next year. UAW Local 22 President George McGregor told WSJ that the vehicle would be based on the Chevrolet Orlando concept that will debut at the Paris Motor Show next month.

“That’s no longer an option for us,” said McGregor about the Orlando.

The vehicle is still being built but for markets outside North America such as Europe. A GM spokesman confirmed that Chevy has no plans to bring the model to the U.S.

Chevrolet Orlando Concept:



Source: WSJ (via Truth About Cars)