Video: Bob Lutz on Colbert Report, Volt will get you laid

If you’re a political figure or a corporate mogul and you’re invited to be on the Colbert Report, you better be prepared to be asked some uncomfortable questions. After all you are going on the comedy channel to be on a show that’s hosted by Stephen Colbert.

Well, one of the automotive industry’s most outspoken executives was given the chance to be on the Colbert Report, Bob Lutz. Lutz was there to talk about the Chevy Volt of course but Colbert throws some uncomfortable questions his way that we’ll let you check out on your own after the jump.

What Lutz did say that GM did not confirm at the launch of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, after the 40 miles that you can do on electric power alone, Lutz said the Volt will go another 200-300 miles on its ‘tiny gasoline engine.’ Oh and the Volt will get you laid.

“I hope it electrocutes anyone trying to steal my gasoline!”

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Source: Colbert Nation