Mazda to cut weight on next-generation models by 400 pounds

Mazda today said that it will use three key methods to cut up to 200kg (or 400 lbs) from the next-generation versions of its cars. The three key methods include lighter materials, new design for the chassis underpinning the vehicles, and new material bonding methods.

Most of these techniques were mastered during the development of the Mazda2. The main focus of the weight-loss will be the design of the underbody. During an accident, instead of transferring the force of the crash through the car’s body, impact will be thrown down to the floorpan, require less strengthening for the body.

Mazda will also develop parts from what it calls ‘micro-cell’ plastic which can save weight by up to 10 percent. 15 percent of the weight loss will come from lighter and improved chassis components.

Upgrading and developing the rotary engine will be an ongoing part of weight-saving for Mazda.


Source: AutoCar