Honda develops new multi-view camera system with bird’s-eye view

Honda will be adding two new advanced features on its redesigned Odyssey minivan going on sale next month in Japan. First Honda is added a new camera system that will give drivers a bird’s-eye view of the Odyssey, increasing their visibility while parking and clearing up blind corners. Honda will also introduce a new airbag that reduced body impact.

The multi-view camera system combines images taken from four wide-angle CCD cameras located in the front and rear of the vehicle and on the right and left door mirrors. It then displays the synthesized image on the navigation screen with other helpful information.

As for the i-SRS airbag, it will deploy in controlled stages rather than just one big pop. Somehow Honda still increased the speed at which it deploys but keeps the big inflated enough to lessen body impact.

No word yet whether U.S. models will also get these new safety and technology features.