English bloke drops $28.5 million on a Ferrari 250 GTO

$28.5 million. That’s a whole lot of money that you can spend on a whole lot of things. Like buy a couple of Ferraris, a couple of Lamborghinis or even a couple of $2 million Bugatti Veyrons. But according to a rumor reported by Top Gear, some bloke in England has just dropped $28.5 million on a Ferrari 250 GTO that he’ll probably never take out of his garage on a regular basis.

It’s all being kept on the down low for now but word on the street is that the English man purchased it from a Scottish vendor via a Californian broker. Why was the price so high? Well, for one there are only 39 GTPs still left in the world and two, its allegedly the most sought out after Ferrari ever.

We bet Chris Evans feels a bit little with his $10 million 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California.


Source: Top Gear