2009 Volkswagen Rabbit TDI coming to the U.S. in fall ’09

The 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI is now available for delivery with prices starting at $21,990 – and that’s pretty good for a car that has an EPA fuel-economy rating of 29/40 mpg. So when is Volkswagen going to bless the stateside with more dieselness?

According to Volkswagen of American Communications Director Steve Keyes, the TDI Touareg is the next V-Dub headed our way. The 3.0L V6 Touareg diesel will hit U.S. roads in late March. That will be around the same time that Volkswagen will bring over the 2009 Golf over to North America.

According to Keyes the Rabbit, as we like to call it in the U.S. (no idea why), will be offered in both a 2.4L 5-cylinder petrol and a 2.0L TDI in fall 2009. What we won’t be getting is a TDI version of the Tiguan. So Volkswagen… how about the new 62 mpg Golf BlueMotion?

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2009 Volkswagen Golf:




Source: AutoblogGreen