BMW and Daimler call for common electric-vehicle standards

BMW and Daimler are calling for automakers to cooperate on developing common standards for electric cars and save research and development costs. Thomas Weber, Daimler’s head of research said that the industry is going to face huge costs as automakers rush to produce electric-cars. Weber says that the auto industry should avoid costly duplication of research and product development.

BMW’s development chief Klaus Draeger believes something along the same lines and says that all automakers should “share the burden between all parties.”

Both said that product managers need to start agreeing on common technical standards and components for electric-vehicles. They said that the issues faced with developing full electric-vehicles are becoming more clear to major automakers.

Draeger and Weber both said that FISITA, the international association of automotive engineers, is well positioned to become the leader to create regulations and technical standards.


Source: Automotive News Europe (Subscription Required)