Video: Brooke Shields says baby boom due to ‘German engineered’ VW Routan

Now it’s no surprise to us that the new Volkswagen Routan is basically a Dodge Caravan with German skin. The Routan is even produced alongside Chrysler”s Town & Country and the Dodge Caravan at the company”s Windsor plant. It may be safe to say that the only thing German about the Routan is the design.

But that’s not what Volkswagen and Brooke Shields want you to think. In the latest Routan promo, Brooke Shields helps many of those having babies realize that they should do it for love and not to bring German American engineering into their driveway.

The Volkswagen Routan is on sale now at V-Dub dealerships starting at $24,700.

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Source: Volkswagen (via AutoBlog)